Thanksgiving- Giving Thanks

D52259C9-6B3A-405A-88C1-4F3D36D96ADCLife lived with a thankful attitude is expansive. So these paintings are bright and playful. The watercolor is of a big red truck filled with the produce and plants of a rich harvest.  The two small acrylics are seasonal- sunflower and pumpkin-and are just for fun.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!

Here’s  a poem by my friend Alice Smith. It’s from her wonderful new book of poems named, That Little Girl ( available on Amazon).


Let us carve away complaints and stuff ourselves with gratitude, set aside our troubles and taste abounding joy.

Let us slice through greediness and find a way to feed the  starving , cut through all our neediness and satisfy that inner hunger.

Let us scrape away the troubled past and feast on pleasant memories, wash away the weariness and see the gifts the years have given.

Let us put aside our differences and toast to our togetherness then sing a song of thanks for the presence of each other and the nourishment of life.

Glorious Northern Vermont

We took a long road trip to New England this month and were fortunate to be in northern Vermont at the peak of the colorful foliage there. Words and photos cannot do justice to the glorious color! With the dark green pines, the rich reds and oranges and yellows dance off the blue sky! Every corner held a new breathtaking vista as dear, familiar landscapes glowed. John O’Donohue says that if God created this much beauty here on earth, we can only begin to imagine what awaits. Here’s a page from my sketch book.

St Columba & Iona

The ” fox” theme continues this year as I was fortunate to go on a Pilgrimage to the sacred Isle of Iona off the western coast of Scotland. It’s a small island, an ancient holy place which became the site of a Christian monastic settlement in the mid 600’s led by the Irish monk Columba. I just learned that his name means ” fox” in Gaelic. Iona became a center of spirituality, teaching and art.

These lovely columns are in the Abbey Cloister where we pilgrims met each day. Several of the original columns still exist from the 1100’s Although this painting shows modern reproductions, the columns are lovely with their carvings of native plants, lending their beauty to a sheltered walking space in the old abbey.

Wild Ones

On New Years morning a pretty red fox trotted along the forest edge in our backyard. What a nice surprise! I thought he might be a totem for 2018. While I’m not sure what the Fox’s symbolic meaning is, I associate him with being sly or cunning, so if there are bunnies in the woods they had best beware. I also remembered a book my father read to me as a child named, “The Problem Fox”. It was about an educated little fox if I remember correctly and had charming illustrations. Here’s my painting of the New Years Fox.

More Snow

This winter is memorable. It’s been so cold & now more snow. I’m painting snow scenes with a limited palette, listening to classical music & feeling grateful for a warm home.

Christmas is Coming

Well there is snow on our southern soil today! It’s a surprise. So, with everything closed, it feels like “found time”. I’m sitting at my art table watching the snow come down and painting gift tags while listening to Christmas CDs.

Beach sunrise

Every morning I woke up early to paint the beach sunrise!  The house is quiet and the beach empty!

Yes there still are places with empty beaches in July!  The daily experience of sitting ( while the coffee brewed) on the deck and watching the sun come up bright and orange at the horizon moving to pink, yellow and finally hot white is awesome.  Some days are perfectly clear, others cloudy or stormy- clouds make for interesting sunrises and interesting lives too!

Our first day at Topsail Island was crystal clear and these two paintings come from that day.  I chose to paint the early part of the sunrise as the fiery orange globe emerges from the cool mist, and then the shadowed sand dune at my feet.
Suddenly I’m reminded of a German dish named “Himmel und Erd” – heaven and earth- as I remember it’s made of sautéed apples and onions. That’s where we are right between heaven and earth. Or is it all mixed together heaven on earth and earth in heaven?<!–sunrisesandune paintingmore–>

Fall Fun

Whenever we are in the Boston area, one of my favorite things to do is visit the amazing Wilson Farm. Imagine the fields lining the busy road with rows of vegetables growing bright and healthy!  The market has grown over the years too. Now it’s a try bustling farmers’ market chocked full of beautiful fruits, vegetables, baked goods & cheese. It’s a cook’s AND a painters paradise. 

A few weeks ago I brought my sketch pad & travel watercolors and perched near this great display of sugar pumpkins.  Here’s the result along with happy memories of watching “pumpkin magic” happen to the children.

Loch Corrib 


A New Year

I have several  intentions this year- pausing for beauty is one. This watercolor is a study of a rather rare glowing sunset at Loch Corrib and painting is a lovely way to pause for beauty.