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It must be November!

It must be November!

I just finished this watercolor painting of stampeding horses and it was an important moment for me. For years I thought I was not artistic because my cousin could draw very good horses and mine, well, they were a pretty sad stab at drawing horses so I concluded that she was artistic and I was not. Turns out I can draw horses after all! I just needed to practice more (4 or 5 decades! ).
What is it that Malcolm Gladwell says? For expertise a person must practice 10,000 hours. So although I’m a far cry from 10,000 hours, I am pretty pleased with this painting and what it means.
As I was working on it the scales tipped and it became November, that means the Holiday Stampede is ratcheted up a couple notches! All good things…. All sorts of fun and tradition! But all of a sudden there was a clump of commitments! How did THAT happen?
But in preparing the 2 retreats I gave this month, I’ve been thinking and praying about, “a Recipe for a Happy Holiday” – given to senior citizens- and “Blessing the Space Between Us”.
It’s an honor to be asked to speak and I was surprised how much I had missed it since ” retiring”.
So here we are in the Holiday Rush with Thanksgiving less than a week away and I guess that the sort of mindless rush of a stampede is a reminder to be more intentional.
An intention is an important and powerful decision. An intention is clarifying your choices about what is healthy and right for you. It will help determine where you’ll put your energy and focus. To pause and breathe and get in touch with your deeper heart desires, then frame that in a clear sentence or two helps a person maintain health and balance, especially with all the Holiday “stuff” going on. An intention helps so much with decision making because it’s pretty clear what fits and what should be declined. So in looking at the stampeding horses painting, I think I’ll take a minute and consider my personal intentions for this 2013 holiday season before things clump together too much. May your intentions be clear and your gratitude tangible!


World Series Champions!

World Series Champions!

Last night the Red Sox won the World Series at Fenway Park!
It was a great victory and a great World Series against the very good St Louis Cardinals. As the season began in April Boston experienced the dreadful Marathon bombing. I was in the city that week and was heart sick. One of the first community -wide gatherings then was a Red Sox game at Fenway Park where thousands of roaring, singing, helping people showed up wearing “B STRONG” across their hearts. David Ortiz, who would become the Series MVP, gave an impromptu, shall I say passionate, speech that seemed like a promise to me.
Here we are 6 months later. Those months have not caused the prayers and courage of this city and those of us who love it to dim. And last night again Fenway was filled and overflowing with cheering roaring citizens who are transforming the tragedy one victory at a time, most not on national TV.
Thomas Merton wrote an essay about city streets. Here’s what he has to say: “One who celebrates is not powerless. S/ he becomes a creator because s/he is a lover…celebration is not just noise…It is the creation of a common identity, a common consciousness…celebration is the beginning of confidence, therefore of power. ” Then he asks a question, ” Can the street become an inhabited place? Yes, when it becomes a place for celebration.” Did anyone else see the arial photos of Yawkey Way as last night’s game ended?