Thanksgiving- Giving Thanks

D52259C9-6B3A-405A-88C1-4F3D36D96ADCLife lived with a thankful attitude is expansive. So these paintings are bright and playful. The watercolor is of a big red truck filled with the produce and plants of a rich harvest.  The two small acrylics are seasonal- sunflower and pumpkin-and are just for fun.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!

Here’s  a poem by my friend Alice Smith. It’s from her wonderful new book of poems named, That Little Girl ( available on Amazon).


Let us carve away complaints and stuff ourselves with gratitude, set aside our troubles and taste abounding joy.

Let us slice through greediness and find a way to feed the  starving , cut through all our neediness and satisfy that inner hunger.

Let us scrape away the troubled past and feast on pleasant memories, wash away the weariness and see the gifts the years have given.

Let us put aside our differences and toast to our togetherness then sing a song of thanks for the presence of each other and the nourishment of life.


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