Fall Fun

Whenever we are in the Boston area, one of my favorite things to do is visit the amazing Wilson Farm. Imagine the fields lining the busy road with rows of vegetables growing bright and healthy!  The market has grown over the years too. Now it’s a try bustling farmers’ market chocked full of beautiful fruits, vegetables, baked goods & cheese. It’s a cook’s AND a painters paradise. 

A few weeks ago I brought my sketch pad & travel watercolors and perched near this great display of sugar pumpkins.  Here’s the result along with happy memories of watching “pumpkin magic” happen to the children.


Loch CorribĀ 


A New Year

I have several  intentions this year- pausing for beauty is one. This watercolor is a study of a rather rare glowing sunset at Loch Corrib and painting is a lovely way to pause for beauty.


When will Spring be here?

When will Spring be here?

Sassy City Chick

imageimageLook at her attitude! A difficult painting which I loved doing. Most challenging was
Capturing her posture. She seems to have courage, dignity and style. Don’t let the complex background distract from the person. She is the focus! That is what I kept saying to myself as I made the thousand choices that go into a painting. That is what I say to myself as people come into my days.

Tulip Delight

After a winter of snow and painting snow scenes, it’s marvelous to move into soft pastel colors and spring flower shapes! Here’s a painting I just finished celebrating the lovely and very welcome tulips sprouting up in yards and along the roadsides. 


Guess where I am!

Here’s a peek at my sketchbook